April 5, 2018

Everyone Loves Kitties

Finished some more embroidered hand towels. Everyone kept asking me for kitties, so I finally got these made.

March 1, 2018

Decluttering on hold for now

Have decided to call it good as far as the decluttering has gone. I did my sewing/craft  room and got a lot of stuff out of there that I will never use. It is headed for a rummage sale. As soon as it gets warm enough that I do not have to turn the heaters on, I will work on the Sun Room.
I think I have gotten all the Christmas decorations down and put away. I still have the Christmas cards up, but are notes I have to answer in them. So to remind me to do it they are still there.
Now since it is already March  I have decided to also take down my snowman decorations. I won't be putting up spring for a while yet. Like maybe when all the snow is gone. It does not look much like spring with snow still on the ground.

January 6, 2018

Still Decluttering, but making progress

      I am getting a handle on getting the clutter out of this house. So far have both attics done, and a storage room. The next one to tackle is an upstairs hall. It is unreal how much stuff can be stuffed into a long hall.
      But first before I get to the hall, I have to get to my sewing/craft room. Can not walk into that room without knocking something off of something else.
      I shift the room every year, to accommodate a Christmas tree in the living room. Since we need to access the sun room in the winter, and the tree blocks the door to that room from the living room, I have to use the door in my sewing/craft room. So everything in front of that door has to move. Then after the tree comes down, it all shifts back again.  Since everything was shifted, there is no where to put anything, so it just gets stacked somewhere, and those stacks tend to slide when they get too high. There have been a few avalanches so far, which means the floor is now covered with stuff as well.

    I figure 2-3 days and it should look nice in there again, and I should be rid of about a quarter of the stuff in there. All the supplies for things I no longer make can go, as well as fabric I know I will never use, and patterns I will never use.
    I have, after the sewing/craft room, 6 more rooms to clean and declutter and the house will look nice again. I am planning to be at least half done by the beginning of summer.

July 13, 2017

Decluttering...an on going project

I can not believe it  is 6 months since I posted on here, and I am STILL decluttering this house!
This Spring, I started in the attic, Now the attic has been on my list for a while, but was saving it till just before I was going to do a rummage sale. Because what was I going to do with all the stuff that was too good to throw away, but I really have no use for it anymore?  Hauled most of it from the attic to the garage, and put a price on it.
The only thing in attic #1 is the Christmas stuff and the vacation stuff. The only thing in attic #2 is the air conditioner (in winter) and the humidifier ( in summer)..though the air conditioner has been in there for the last 3 summers, so it should really go on the next rummage sale as well.
Next in line is the upstairs hall. The bedrooms have been done ( the rummage from a couple years ago).
Then I am going to tackle the downstairs and the dreaded basement, and garage...The idea is not to let anyone bring anything more into this house! If we have not needed it up till now, we probably don't need it now.
I will win this battle of the clutter!

January 17, 2017

Time To Declutter Again!

Have spent the last week or so cleaning, got all the Christmas stuff down and put away, and then have started on the other rooms.
I have no idea where all this stuff comes from, it must just multiply when no one is looking. Took a larger garbage bag of just plain junk out of my sewing/craft room. Next I want to attack the kitchen cabinets and the pantry.
Then I will just work my way through all the other rooms till the whole house is done, and by then it will be time to start cleaning all over again...For some reason nothing ever seems to stay clean very long. It is an ongoing thing.
Need to find some boxes to put all the stuff in that I no longer want for the Spring rummage sale.
I mark prices on it right away, so all I have to do in Spring is set it all up.

November 9, 2016

Still warm out

Even though the weather is still nice, we are slowly sliding into winter.....I love the look of the new fallen snow.. BUT...I really would like to have lots more days before that happens. Have so many things I need to get finished before the snow flies.....Lots of outside work to do, hedges and bushes need trimming, and leaves need to find a new home. The garden needs to be prepared for next spring, stuff has to be put away for the winter.. then there is the holiday stuff to do...and don't even talk about the garage...that needs a big clean and a bigger throw out.
I have a plan for that garage.. forget the walk after dinner to walk off all that Turkey on Thanksgiving... LET'S CLEAN THE GARAGE!

October 20, 2016

Summer's done, time to slide into fall....

Did not spend as much time outside as I would have liked to this year..one of the reason is that we did not put up the screen house. Was waiting for the kids to finish painting the house. Now that is all done, so next year the screen house goes up.
Got rid of boxes of stuff on the yearly rummage sale, now to refill those boxes with more stuff I really do not need, for next years rummage. Eventually I will be rid of all the junk that is too good to throw out, but that I no longer an in love with.
Now I just clean with a big empty tote box, and everything I am no longer interested in, goes right into the box, when the box is as full as I can get it, I take it to the basement and put prices on everything and put a big "R" oh the outside of the box/. Then I stack those in a corner ready to be take out to the garage the week we do the rummage.
No room escapes the "clean"....every room has stuff I no longer love....Time it went.

August 11, 2016

Today is Odds and Ends Day

Today I am working on getting all those little things done, that I just never seem to get around to. Like adding more stuff to my  doggie creation blog, and making those items that are for me. Like finishing the new cover for my couch, and finishing the cleaning of a room that I started last week. Got sidetracked before I could finish it. 
The shredder broke, I got it about 10-12 years ago, you would think stuff would last longer than that!
Finally got my sewing machine back from the dealer, it has slipped a gear, it sewed just fine, but made a terrible noise. The dealer said it would not hurt it to sew with it, so I finished the project I was working on before I took it in.. I do have 2 other sewing machines, but that one is my favorite. So now I can sew again.
I think I either have to give up something like maybe sleep to get my house cleaned... I just do not have enough hours in the day to get all the stuff done that I want to get done, and still have a wee bit of time for myself.
I like to sit outside with a cup of coffee/tea for about 30 minutes each day... I do try to do that everyday but some days just can not fit it in....
Well back to work, have been on this computer for about an hour getting stuff caught up.....now it is time to go get some real work done.

June 19, 2016

I am back on line!

It has taken over a month but I am back on line, my old, laptop had died, I had it 8 years. I guess they are really not supposed to last all that long. But it did, and I had a lot of fun with it, and got a lot done. Now I have another one, and I will have to learn how this one wants to do things. Some things  were easy to figure out, some things I am still working on. And some things may not ever get worked out, will just have to find new ways to do things.
I got this one from a person who rebuilds them,. so I do not have all those extra's that are added to the ones that are purchased from stores. So I have been busy adding the programs I need. Still have a few more to go. Wish I had taken a picture of the screen on my old laptop, so I could remember which programs I need yet.
 While I was without it, I got so much of my work done.
Have to remember to limit myself to 2 hours of playing on the computer, need to set a timer as it can just suck up the time if I am not careful.

April 24, 2016

Next step in the downsizing.

      Things are progressing nicely, have a bunch of stuff I no longer need all packed in boxes, next step, now that the weather is getting a bit better is to clean and set up the garage for the rummage sale, and get all those packed boxes unpacked onto the rummage tables.
     Think I will do the actual sale in mid May, or maybe even in June. That will give me time to get it all set up and do a bit more purging to get rid of even more stuff.
     When I am on a roll to get rid of stuff is when I need to keep at it.
Just maybe I will have 2 rummage sales this year, and then what ever is left over will be donated. Once it is out of the house it NOT coming back in!

April 9, 2016

Things I will never get to using?

Now is the time to clear out some of that stuff I have accumulated that either I have too much of it, or I did not use it all up with the project I bought it for..Either way it needs to go somewhere else to someone else who can find a use for it.
My stash needs to be depleted it has grown way out of proportion.
I found 2 cute little purses that can take care of my box of fat quarters. One purse I think I have a pattern for and the other one, I will have to make a pattern off the purse itself.
Also found a nice tote bag pattern that can use up maybe another box of fabric.
Found a big box of Christmas fabric that I did not know I had, so have to find a use for that as well, or just sell it.
With luck I can downsize enough to get all my fabric in one room.

March 22, 2016

I think I am making progress.....

I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Have gotten rid of clutter, and moved stuff around to make the arrangement work better. When it finally gets warm I have a couple rooms that have to be put back together. Got stuff out to work on and it was just too cold to put them away again...
Other areas are progressing nicely. Got lots of boxes of stuff ready to price for a nice big rummage sale. Still need to drag more stuff out. The attic will get emptied when the sale actually starts...I will eventually after a few annual rummages have room....

February 15, 2016

done with the cleaning sort of......

The sewing room is as clean as I am going to get it... I need to get some sewing done, it will only get messy again anyway. But at least now I have room to work.  The ironing board is still piled high, but I do not need that at the moment, so won't bother cleaning it off now, will do it when I need to use it.
I can see most of the floor, and am not tripping over anything so all is good there.
I can find most of my tools..so all is good for now....

February 7, 2016

Latest Project

Well this is not really the latest one, it is the on going one. But i really need to get it done, because I have projects that have to get done.
While cleaning, I found a bolt of fabric that looked familiar, but took me a while to remember what I was going to do with it... I have had it so long, that I changed the colors in the room I was going to use it in. So now I either have to find another room it will look good in, or find a new home for it. Hate when that happens....
I found a pile of stuff that I was going to embroider, and I guess there is no time like the present to get to that as well.
Have to wait till it gets a bit warmer out. But then I will finish all those projects and then the only thing left will be to figure out what I am going to do with all those things.
The first thing to do, is to try on all those clothes, and if they do not fit me, I am not going to waste the time embroidering them I am just finding them a new home.

January 26, 2016

Projects done so far.

Thought I would post these on this blog as well. I got out my little stuffed doggie model to show you how the diapers would look on a dog. The ones in the picture are size small, the one on the model is an extra small. I sold out of the size small last fall, so it was time to make more. Same with the felt collars.
Only showing you pictures of one each of the colors and patterns I used. I did make more of them all and now will get them packed up for the spring shows.
Still have a couple more projects to do, and some Christmas presents to make too. The Christmas presents will probably not show up here till after Christmas, do not want to spoil the surprise.

January 24, 2016

Still Pitching

Well the tree is down, and I have priced another box of stuff for the Spring rummage, little by little the clutter is going. Have spent 2 days shredding papers that we no longer need or want. Emptied a whole file cabinet. Heaven knows how much there will be to shred when we clean the last attic.
There is stuff up there from the previous family...guess they did not know how to throw stuff out and just left it all.
Changed the living room around around, looks much bigger in here now.
Still need to take the Christmas cards down. will get to that before Easter hopefully.

December 22, 2015

Downsizing Christmas Decorations

I was thinking I should downsize my Christmas decorations, Nah, maybe I should just stop making more of them.. I look at them all, and can not think of which ones I would not miss... They are all special, either I made them, a family member or friend made them, or I got them as a gift. If I run out of room to display them, we will just have to add on to the house!
This year I was late getting them up, did not get them up till the 10th of Dec. usually they are all up by the first weekend in Dec. But this year, things just did not work out that way. No big deal, they get to stay up till the needles start falling off the tree by the handful..hopefully that will not be till the end of January...
The outside ones will come done the first day after Christmas, that the ground is not frozen, before they get frozen to the ground and we can not take them down till May!
Last year, they came down 2 days after Christmas when we had a thaw...this year we have not really had a good freeze yet, and there is no snow on the ground. So they will come down before it snows this year.

December 21, 2015

The Declutter.

You would think we were moving to look at the boxes stacked in various places around this house, Have a stack going in the basement and the upstairs hall, and in the sun room, and in the garage...This Spring Rummage is going to be big! And the funny part is I can not see where all this stuff came from. The house still looks just as full as it did when I started. I have a few more rooms to go through yet, and one attic.
Next year I will do it all again, and I think after that the house will be decluttered. I cam picture my first apartment in my head, and I remember I had everything I needed then, and it was not all this stuff!
But to be fair I did not have kids then, and you know how much stuff you can accumulate with them, and then ofcourse the toys etc, should be saved for grandkids, and then well we have gotten attached to it all and it just sort of stays.
Now it is time to get back to the basics, so what I did was "in my head" I pictured a 2 bedroom appartment, decided what furniture was going to in that space, and then what I really really would want to have, and the rest of this clutter is going to find a new home.
Then the next step after that is to think 1 bedroom apartment....
While cleaning I found stuff I had not seen in years and years, and so if I did not remember I had it, it went, some stuff were keepsakes and they of course stayed. But the rest should be loved by someone else.
Of course not all the stuff I got rid of is in those rummage boxes, a lot of it is in the trash...
I did leave a lot in boxes, that I want, that my children can go through after I am gone..I would hate to deprive them of the experience....lol

October 27, 2015

I am a packrat!

I keep saying I am going to downsize, just have too much stuff... Well do to circumstances beyond my control, I finally got to that downsizing... It has taken me a week to go through 3 rooms.. Lots of stuff is being donated, and lots more just headed for the trash can... I am no where near done, other things have to be done too, so the downsizing has been put on hold for a couple days.
While all this downsizing has been going on my house has turned into a total mess...Tomorrow I need to take a few loads of stuff away...Then need to pack more, so much still needs to find a new home. I need to get back to where I was before I collected all this stuff. Need to be more mobil.

July 31, 2015

Summer has finally arrived!

It is nice and warm out, hit 93 this afternoon, it is breezy,  but I so love the heat! Wish I could soak it up for when winter comes. Had not been a lot of rain though, so I have been watering the gardens.
Must get the chairs out even if we have not put up the screen house. I know, if I do not do it soon, I can probably just forget about it. I like to sit out in one chair with my feet up on another one. Can't do that with a glider, and I am not all that fond of the old metal lawn chairs. I have painted them several times, and it just seems to peel right off and go back to the original black color, plus ofcourse the rust that had developed on them over the years.
I think we have used the fire pit once this year so far. It has been too windy to use it lately. I do want to burn up all the wood we have gathered. I would like to use the old wood box for something else, like all the lawn decorations. I hate that some of them end up here and some there, and then in the Spring I can not find them all.
Just found a couple more out in the shed, I think everything is out now...No, I think I am missing the welcome cat. Have to find that, I think it is on the mending table, I think a foot fell off.
I think while it is still nice out, I will take a book and go outside and enjoy the warm and read for a bit.