July 13, 2017

Decluttering...an on going project

I can not believe it  is 6 months since I posted on here, and I am STILL decluttering this house!
This Spring, I started in the attic, Now the attic has been on my list for a while, but was saving it till just before I was going to do a rummage sale. Because what was I going to do with all the stuff that was too good to throw away, but I really have no use for it anymore?  Hauled most of it from the attic to the garage, and put a price on it.
The only thing in attic #1 is the Christmas stuff and the vacation stuff. The only thing in attic #2 is the air conditioner (in winter) and the humidifier ( in summer)..though the air conditioner has been in there for the last 3 summers, so it should really go on the next rummage sale as well.
Next in line is the upstairs hall. The bedrooms have been done ( the rummage from a couple years ago).
Then I am going to tackle the downstairs and the dreaded basement, and garage...The idea is not to let anyone bring anything more into this house! If we have not needed it up till now, we probably don't need it now.
I will win this battle of the clutter!

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