October 20, 2016

Summer's done, time to slide into fall....

Did not spend as much time outside as I would have liked to this year..one of the reason is that we did not put up the screen house. Was waiting for the kids to finish painting the house. Now that is all done, so next year the screen house goes up.
Got rid of boxes of stuff on the yearly rummage sale, now to refill those boxes with more stuff I really do not need, for next years rummage. Eventually I will be rid of all the junk that is too good to throw out, but that I no longer an in love with.
Now I just clean with a big empty tote box, and everything I am no longer interested in, goes right into the box, when the box is as full as I can get it, I take it to the basement and put prices on everything and put a big "R" oh the outside of the box/. Then I stack those in a corner ready to be take out to the garage the week we do the rummage.
No room escapes the "clean"....every room has stuff I no longer love....Time it went.

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