August 11, 2016

Today is Odds and Ends Day

Today I am working on getting all those little things done, that I just never seem to get around to. Like adding more stuff to my  doggie creation blog, and making those items that are for me. Like finishing the new cover for my couch, and finishing the cleaning of a room that I started last week. Got sidetracked before I could finish it. 
The shredder broke, I got it about 10-12 years ago, you would think stuff would last longer than that!
Finally got my sewing machine back from the dealer, it has slipped a gear, it sewed just fine, but made a terrible noise. The dealer said it would not hurt it to sew with it, so I finished the project I was working on before I took it in.. I do have 2 other sewing machines, but that one is my favorite. So now I can sew again.
I think I either have to give up something like maybe sleep to get my house cleaned... I just do not have enough hours in the day to get all the stuff done that I want to get done, and still have a wee bit of time for myself.
I like to sit outside with a cup of coffee/tea for about 30 minutes each day... I do try to do that everyday but some days just can not fit it in....
Well back to work, have been on this computer for about an hour getting stuff caught it is time to go get some real work done.

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