April 9, 2016

Things I will never get to using?

Now is the time to clear out some of that stuff I have accumulated that either I have too much of it, or I did not use it all up with the project I bought it for..Either way it needs to go somewhere else to someone else who can find a use for it.
My stash needs to be depleted it has grown way out of proportion.
I found 2 cute little purses that can take care of my box of fat quarters. One purse I think I have a pattern for and the other one, I will have to make a pattern off the purse itself.
Also found a nice tote bag pattern that can use up maybe another box of fabric.
Found a big box of Christmas fabric that I did not know I had, so have to find a use for that as well, or just sell it.
With luck I can downsize enough to get all my fabric in one room.

1 comment:

  1. Do you happen to have Spring Fever??????????????? lol