February 15, 2016

done with the cleaning sort of......

The sewing room is as clean as I am going to get it... I need to get some sewing done, it will only get messy again anyway. But at least now I have room to work.  The ironing board is still piled high, but I do not need that at the moment, so won't bother cleaning it off now, will do it when I need to use it.
I can see most of the floor, and am not tripping over anything so all is good there.
I can find most of my tools..so all is good for now....

1 comment:

  1. You are good to go. I cannot leave my ironing board up because my kitties think it is cat heaven and the hairs are hard to get rid of .Plus, I have to have it out of the way to get in to feed my birds that share a space too. But, I do know everytime I have it out it always ends up being piled high at the end of the work period-it just seems like the Perfect place for things to end up at.