December 21, 2015

The Declutter.

You would think we were moving to look at the boxes stacked in various places around this house, Have a stack going in the basement and the upstairs hall, and in the sun room, and in the garage...This Spring Rummage is going to be big! And the funny part is I can not see where all this stuff came from. The house still looks just as full as it did when I started. I have a few more rooms to go through yet, and one attic.
Next year I will do it all again, and I think after that the house will be decluttered. I cam picture my first apartment in my head, and I remember I had everything I needed then, and it was not all this stuff!
But to be fair I did not have kids then, and you know how much stuff you can accumulate with them, and then ofcourse the toys etc, should be saved for grandkids, and then well we have gotten attached to it all and it just sort of stays.
Now it is time to get back to the basics, so what I did was "in my head" I pictured a 2 bedroom appartment, decided what furniture was going to in that space, and then what I really really would want to have, and the rest of this clutter is going to find a new home.
Then the next step after that is to think 1 bedroom apartment....
While cleaning I found stuff I had not seen in years and years, and so if I did not remember I had it, it went, some stuff were keepsakes and they of course stayed. But the rest should be loved by someone else.
Of course not all the stuff I got rid of is in those rummage boxes, a lot of it is in the trash...
I did leave a lot in boxes, that I want, that my children can go through after I am gone..I would hate to deprive them of the


  1. Look at you ! I'm waving HI!
    Did I hear you say "Sun Room" ???? You have a Sun room ???? Does the sun every come out for you to use it????~smile~

  2. Yes, I have a sun room, and 3 seasons out of the year we use it...and you can watch the sunrise from there if of course you are up that early.