December 22, 2015

Downsizing Christmas Decorations

I was thinking I should downsize my Christmas decorations, Nah, maybe I should just stop making more of them.. I look at them all, and can not think of which ones I would not miss... They are all special, either I made them, a family member or friend made them, or I got them as a gift. If I run out of room to display them, we will just have to add on to the house!
This year I was late getting them up, did not get them up till the 10th of Dec. usually they are all up by the first weekend in Dec. But this year, things just did not work out that way. No big deal, they get to stay up till the needles start falling off the tree by the handful..hopefully that will not be till the end of January...
The outside ones will come done the first day after Christmas, that the ground is not frozen, before they get frozen to the ground and we can not take them down till May!
Last year, they came down 2 days after Christmas when we had a thaw...this year we have not really had a good freeze yet, and there is no snow on the ground. So they will come down before it snows this year.


  1. I Love Christmas ornaments too.
    I hit the wrong button and cannot get rid of this underline!GRRRRR! I wore out my quilted ones I made when I first got married so this year I actually got to make me some crocheted snowflakes . I Love them. What are your favorite ones this year?

  2. One cannot have to many holiday decorations. I will never stop making new ones. Ever! Some years certain ones may not go out, but the next year they will. Doesn't everyone have way to many totes filled with to many, but oh so beautiful holiday decorations? Keep on making them! It's to much fun to stop.