July 31, 2015

Summer has finally arrived!

It is nice and warm out, hit 93 this afternoon, it is breezy,  but I so love the heat! Wish I could soak it up for when winter comes. Had not been a lot of rain though, so I have been watering the gardens.
Must get the chairs out even if we have not put up the screen house. I know, if I do not do it soon, I can probably just forget about it. I like to sit out in one chair with my feet up on another one. Can't do that with a glider, and I am not all that fond of the old metal lawn chairs. I have painted them several times, and it just seems to peel right off and go back to the original black color, plus ofcourse the rust that had developed on them over the years.
I think we have used the fire pit once this year so far. It has been too windy to use it lately. I do want to burn up all the wood we have gathered. I would like to use the old wood box for something else, like all the lawn decorations. I hate that some of them end up here and some there, and then in the Spring I can not find them all.
Just found a couple more out in the shed, I think everything is out now...No, I think I am missing the welcome cat. Have to find that, I think it is on the mending table, I think a foot fell off.
I think while it is still nice out, I will take a book and go outside and enjoy the warm and read for a bit.

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