March 5, 2015

Still looking at the snow

Go t the sewing room all done, managed to get rid of 5 boxes of stuff! Still have plenty mind you, but it is more manageble and I can now see a lot of the floor, and my cutting table, and 3/4 of the ironing board. That is all I will ever see of the ironing board, unless I remove the wooly nylon thread rack from it. and since I have no where else to put that rack, it will be on the ironing board forever.
I have a couple of projects stacked up on the cutting table that I will be getting too soon, and have another stack on the floor that are all done and ready to be put away.
 I still have a few other rooms with fabric in them, and they will be gotten to when it gets a bit warmer.
Did manage to get a few craft/sewing projects done that were on my list. Still have a few more to go.
I need to sell a bunch of quilt sewing books that I have, will also get to that when it is warmer.
Can't do anything outside since there is lots of snow on the ground and it is still too cold to do anything outside.

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