December 16, 2014

yes, I am a packrat........

Boy when I admitted to being a packrat, I was not kidding! I can not move in my sewingroom..something has to happen, either I need a bigger room, or a bigger house, ( not going to happen), or I am going to have  find a home for some of this fabric...
In order to function at all I had to make 2 boxes out of three. But there are still about 12 more that I will be making into 9 or less. I have a home for all this fabric.. Found a relative who will love it as much as I do, and more importantly will USE it!.
So after the new year, I will unload my sewing room into my livingrooom, and only put back those things I can pack in and still be able to move in there. Now there is no room to work. I have MAYBE 6 inches of my full sized ironing board to iron on the rest is piled with stuff. Same for my design table.... I knew one day it would get so full that I would no longer be able to move in there...well that day has come....So many things I no longer make, but I still have fabric left from those projects... Somewhere in there I have a box of fabric to make me some clothes, have not seen the box in couple a years now. I wonder if I will still like my fabric choices when  find those boxes?

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