August 7, 2014

Sometimes you just have to clean....

Finally have started on the cleaning of my sewing/craft room...Had to do it....could not find a thing anymore.
I just took some containers, and put like things all the stuff for each project was put in a box, then when I had all the supplies together, it will make it easier to work on the project and not spend all my time looking for all the componants to the project.
Found the floor after a couple days... It is by no means clean, but it is workable now. Over winter I had gotten into the habit of working on a table in the livingroom, have to get out of that habit, as the livingroom is beginning to look as cluttered as the sewing/craft room is. Not good!
I located a box of mending that is so old I don't remember some of the items in it, and the people they were for probably are not interested in those fashions anymore.
I also have a big basket of things I wanted to embroider, problem with that is, I am not sure what to do with the items when I get them embroidered.  Some boxes can be combined, and then there will also be more space in there.
I am now sort of following my daughter-in-laws formula for one room a day.  all I need is a few more people to do the other rooms one day at a time and I would have a clean house a lot sooner.

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