July 13, 2014

not downsizing, just reorganizing

So far, I have really not gotten a thing done..still have the list, just don't seem to have the time. I did realize that I am not as attached to the computer as I thought I was, and can spend days and never look at it.
Now if I could only get something useful done while I was not looking at the computer that would be a bonus.
Still have that sewing/craft room to clean out. I MUST get rid of some of the stuff in there. especially the things that  I know I will never do, used to do them, but lost interest, and have no real desire to do them again. Like crewel embroidery, used to love it...now not so much anymore. I do still like the cross stitch stuff, and will finish that.
There there are the things that I thought I might like to learn how to do, never learned, not interested anymore, need to unload that stuff as well.. AFTER that is done, I will have more room for the stuff I am interested in.
Have slowly downsized my fabric, gone is most of the fleece, and some of the other fancy fabric. Still have piles of cottons,
My goal is use up a box a year....
Next week I will be on a mission again, to work on straightening and putting stuff away...somehow it always seems to creep out of the place it belongs and sort of just throws itself in places it does not belong, and makes the whole place look messy....

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