June 26, 2014


Downsize that is a word we are hearing more and more. I took inventory "in my head" of all the stuff that is cluttering up the place, and decided that IF all my fabric and the accessories that go with it were not here my house would not be cluttered at all.
BUT, I NEED the fabric stuff, and after all it is MY house, and I am having fun with my stuff. So I am saying here and now I WILL NOT BE DOWNSIZING!
  Besides my kids need something to do when I am gone...they can go through all my treasures and maybe they will find some treasures in there that they would like to keep. I really should not deprive them of that pleasure.
It took me years to aquire all my treasures, and I will not be giving them up because some decorator type person says we should all downsize... I say it is just another fad, to give busy people something to do that they do not need to do, and when we find we need some of that stuff we got rid of we have to spend money we do not have to get it replaced... NOPE, not happening here.... I am keeping my stuff, it is my legacy to my kids.....

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