November 15, 2013

Almost Thanksgiving already...............

Got so much to do before Christmas, still am doing special order coats. I want to be done with them before Thanksgiving, Really I want to be done with them next week. Then more towels to embroider, and then I am done with them...I would love to clean my sewing room, it is such a mess. I can not iron on my ironing board, there is barely room on it for my iron to sit.
I have not done a BIG clean in there in a couple years...A BIG clean means I take everything out of the room, scrub the floors, and repaint if need be and put back all the stuff I need and get rid of the rest.
Even just thinking about that makes me thing it is not really so bad....maybe I will do it the end of next year....It takes sometimes over a week to redo that room. I have said in the past I will just sew myself out of it...use up all the material laying around in there and it will look wonderful. Problem with that idea is I would have to live well over 200 more years to ever do that. I guess us packrats just have to learn to live with the stacks....................

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