April 10, 2013

So this is what Spring is going to be like this year....

Started raining a few days ago, and has forgotten to stop... So I have been stuck inside...well at least I am making a dent in all the sewing I wanted to get done. But it is so dreary out it is just depressing! I would love to see a bit of sunshine. Plus it is cold and damp out. I thought by now it would be close to 60 degrees outside, it is barely 40 degrees. There is still snow on the ground in places...
  As long as there is still snow on the ground there is a chance that it will snow again. hopefully not enough to have to shovel.
   Have to wear shoes in the basement, as it is getting quite wet down there. I can almost splash in some of the water..If the rain keeps up I will be able to splash. Got everything that can be hurt by getting wet up off the floor.

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