March 18, 2013

Can't wait for Spring

Not only has February slipped away, but most of March has gone with it. Unfortunately the weather has not improved, it is still in the same cycle, cold, snizzle, thaw, more cold then snow, and then it starts all over again.
  I can deal with most of it, but those long days of no sun is just depressing. If there is sun, I can fool myself into thinking that it is actually nice out.
Am I getting much done in the house...not really...I seem to spend way too much time on the computer.
I just get too many emails, but can not seem to decided what to unsubscribe from to make less of them. Everything is something I either need or enjoy.
I used to read my emails during the commercials while watching TV, but lately there is nothing good on TV so I am reading books.

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