February 27, 2013

February seems to have slipped away

This year I just can not seem to get it together and get it done. I had big plans of all the stuff I was going to get finished this month...Well here it is then last day of the month and that stuff is still not done.
I think the trick to this is to spend much less time on the computer, and a lot more time getting projects done. Also going to bed before 4 am would probably help as well. By the time I get up and finish breakfast it is after lunch time...So I am back to one or two meals a day, just do not have time to eat any more than that.
 The current project I am on, has taken me a lot longer to do than I thought it would, and I am no where near done now.
Maybe I should go back to a system that works, I make a list of what I want to do each day, and work my way down the list. That would at least keep me focused on what had to be done...

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