February 5, 2013

February already....

Since I do not seem to be getting much done anyway, at least I do not think I have gotten that much done. Ihave decided to tear a room apart and do a bit of cleaning. My sewing/craft room is such a mess, I can not find 6 inches of free space to work on any project. So that is when it time to put stuff back in it place, throw out stuff that should have been thrown out in the first place.
  I tend to keep stuff just in case I can use if for something, but that is really silly because in the end I just end up throwing it out anyway.
I have come across a few things I forgot I had, and I am still looking for other things I know I have somewhere unless someone borrowed them.
I need to make a list of who borrowed what.
I even found some things my children made when they were small that I had completely forgot about. They are in excellent condition.. I think for the next holiday I will get them out and display them and see if they remember them.

I did make a bit of progress in January, I got 8 Christmas presents for this year, and 1 for last year done and 1 birthday present for this year so far. I still have more Christmas presents to go...but at least I have made a start.

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