January 14, 2013

2013 Already...where does the time go?

It seems like ages since I posted anything, one of the reasons for that was the fact that I did not have a working Internet connection. It seems my modem decided it was time to just stop working. So I have had a nice vacation from the computer. I did not know it had actually stopped for a couple weeks, as I was busy with other things. Then I had to order a new one, and wait until it arrived, and then till it got installed.
The only really bad thing about being off line for about 3 weeks, is all those emails that pile up.
While I was busy with other things and not on line, I did not miss not being on line, and after I realized I really could not get on if I wanted to, it did not matter as much as I thought it would.
  The tree is down, the decorations are all put away, well only the Christmas ones are put away, the snowmen are still out, they can be out till the end of March.

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