July 11, 2012


I remember when I could not wait for summer to get here, well it is here, and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! but I am not complaining here, I FREEZE all winter, so a bit of inconvenience in the summer is not all that bad.
 I remember when I was a kid out playing with my friends, we never really were bothered by the heat..but then we were not reminded of how hot it was everywhere we went either. Now technology reminds you of how hot you should be no matter where you go...
 We just used to go about our day and not worry, if we were hot we opened a window and turned on a fan, or had a cool drink.
The humidity now is a different matter...that is what makes everything uncomfortable, that sticky feeling....
Drug the dehumidifier up from the basement and ran it in the living room, did not take all that long to fill up with water, but it certainly made a difference in here....Did not feel half as sticky...
Even though it is a bit warmer than usual, I hope the warmth, not the humidly, sticks around a while...too soon it will be cold again.

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