April 19, 2012

Did you know?

Today is the only day you will ever be as as young as you are right now.

So that being said, I guess I better get to doing all the things that I have stacked. Not only am I not getting any younger neither are all my projects! It is just that with this blast of cold weather we are experiencing I feel more like hibernating than I do like getting anything done.
Have not been in the sewing room all week except for today, and that was just to get tools to help my grand daughter with her sewing lesson. She always "forgets" some things....really she likes using my tools better than hers. And that is just fine. I have so much fun teaching her to sew, and having fun chats with her along the way.
I am sorry to see the school year come to an end, as the sewing lessons will also come to an end till school starts again. She is homeschooled and we fit her lessons in with her other assignments.
Tonight I have so much to do, but just do not want to get out from under my blanket. Maybe a hot cup of something will do the trick and I will feel warm again......

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