March 15, 2012

Not quite Spring yet..............

Even though there is still about a week before Spring officially arrives, I am taking down all my winter decorations, and putting away my winter clothes and getting out the spring ones...I know that as soon as I do those things it will get cold again.....But I want to see something besides the gloom of winter, I think putting up my Spring decorations will be such fun.

I have a free day today, I was supposed to do something that fell through, so I have a free day!
Free days are fun, they are days we can do things that are fun and not feel guilty about the time we take to do them.

Better than having a free day all to myself would be having a free day with a good friend. But this free day, just sort of sprung itself on me, so I will do fun things just for me.
I would take the time to clean the house, but as I said I want to do FUN things on my free day, and cleaning the house is not a FUN thing!

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