March 26, 2012

Keeping myself busy

The coats have all been cut out and sewn together, and top stitched, now I have to add the Velcro. There are 147 coats to be finished, and then I get the bonus. I get to start on the booties. Not sure how many pairs of them I have cut out.
But this should keep me busy well into the summer. It would not take so long except I have to finish other projects first as they have to be done BEFORE summer.


  1. AAAAHHHHHaaaa - See - I told you I knew you were BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That red really does show up , doesn't it. lol

  2. i take it those are doggie coats--i see packer i went to a pet store a couple of years ago in reedsburg and bought one for cookie. brought it home and was to big they were nice enough to take it back and didn't have one in her size. said they were getting more in but i never went back in. i figure i should take cookie with me rather then guess her size