February 11, 2012

I think winter has arrived...

Yesterday it was snowing so hard for a while that I could not see across the street...Today it has only gotten up to 14 degrees. I guess I can safely say that winter has arrived...
Have not been outside in 2 days, have been cutting up fleece. All the fleece is now cut up and ready to be sewn into coats and booties...that should take me till mid May..
I want to be done before summer gets here, so I can go outside and spend days just enjoying the day instead of working in the house all day.
It seems like the days are getting a bit longer, but not all that much...I love it when we have long days, and short nights...I get so much more done.

1 comment:

  1. Lucky dog ! I envy your accomplishments with the fleece! My embroidery machine ruined the day for me once again. So, I am glad to see someone had a wonderful day.

    It is blue blazing cold here to! I hate it. The wind is blowing so hard I can hardly stand up in it. I have to make one more run to the outdoor woodstove in a couple of hours & then maybe sweet dreams ?????? :-)