January 22, 2012

Where did the time go??????

Time has flown again, and I really have not gotten a lot done, well not all the stuff I wanted to get done that is.
Why is it we have such hopes of getting so much done, and end up getting so little done?
In my mind I have so many projects I would like to have completed, and here it is one month into a new year, and I am still looking at those same projects I was looking at last year at this time.
I think I got more done when my kids were little, at least it seemed like it...
I think it is time to make a daily schedule and stick to it! If I write it down, I get it done...
One of the greatest time wasters is the computer...I say I will be on it 1 hour and then I will get my work done, and 4 hours later I am still on the computer. I used to complain to my kids that they wasted too much time on their video games...we now I am not any better.
What I need to do is take a weeks vacation from the computer, just put a towel over it and forget it is there.
I wonder how much I could get done, if I just ignored it for a week......

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  1. HUM???????????? LOL Are you sure you wrote this post - it certainly sounds like me! LOL

    I don't know why you could not post today -there were a couple of other posts????? I guess it was just those blog fairies sprinkling mischief everywhere! LOL