November 27, 2011

Got to get a move on....................

Wow, it has been almost a month since I have had the time to post anything. Time just seems to fly by, and I seem to get not a thing done. I need to focus and get stuff done...Time is passing quickly. Will resort to my method of getting stuff done...LIST, LISTS, and more LISTS!

I grab a sheet of paper and write down all the things I need to get done. the things that are a NOW thing, I put a red line under. The things that I have a week to finish, get a blue line under them, and everything else is just something that needs to be done by not in any great rush.
I number everything. Then cross them off as they get finished.

Some days I am so busy that I even list what is in the washer and dryer, so they do not stay there for a week, or until I need the items...I need to stay focused. Plus it helps me to do more than one thing at a time....As in while the washer is going, I can start an embroidery design stitching, and work on cleaning a room. I also set times for stuff that I have to remember to get back to.

Otherwise what happens is I say oh, I will read for half an hour and then get busy, and 3 hours later I am still reading!

I always make out the list before I go to bed, and add more to it as the day goes on and I think of more things that have to be done. On a good day, I get through half the list. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a good day, as my list is almost 2 pages long.

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