July 17, 2011


YEAH! I am done with the craft sewing for this year, and the ticketing and the packing in totes. Now to straighten the room I keep it all in and get all the stuff I donate to the animal shelters together and I am ready for the fall craft season.
And I can clean my house.....
But it will not stay clean all that long...Have decided this is the year to remodel the bathroom...So in a week or so we will be packing up the stuff in the bathroom. moving the vanity and linen closet out and stripping the walls and tearing up the floor. Should be fun!
Basically all the stuff in the bathroom now, that we will be keeping, will be in the dining room along with all the new stuff that will be going into the bathroom. The bathroom is bright yellow now, but I want to re-do it in pale yellow. It was supposed to be pale yellow in the first place, but "someone", not me, mixed the paint outside in the sunlight and it got way too dark! This time I mix the paint lol

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