May 6, 2011


The calender says it is spring....but it is still mostly in the 40's and low 50's. The temps are supposed to be in the 60's around now. so needless to say I am not getting anything done outside...too cold, or it is raining.
That leaves me the inside, I have noticed that over the winter, the clutter has enjoyed itself and multiplied all over the place.
I have been sewing since February, and need a break. So I think I will take a week off and clean...meaning I will throw out, or add to the rummage pile, a lot of the stuff that is just taking up space.
It is time to sort much of this do I want or need? Where does all this stuff come from? It just seems to come from nowhere...I get it all cleared out and then somehow it all seems to reappear.
This year I have decided that it is a good time for a LARGE rummage sale, or two!
Once stuff leaves the house it is not coming back in, if it does not sell at the sale, it is going to be donated.
I have an entire corner of the basement stacked with boxes of stuff that I have already packed up for the sale, and when I walk around the house, I can not see where I have made a dent.
This is crazy. How did this stuff get so out of control?
This is going to be the year of "use it" or "toss it"!

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