March 20, 2011

In between doing my new past time, machine embroidery, I have been sorting fabric again, have decided that it will be better to just go to the fabric store and get some empty bolts and roll the bigger pieces of fabric on those. Can also do that with like fabrics in different colors, like all my twill, which I use for dog beds can all be rolled on one bolt. It will all be together when I need it.
Also had purchased a few packages of water soluble stabilizer, it is I think, 19 inches or so wide. I cut that in half so it is about 9 or so inches wide and rolled it on an empty paper towel tube. Makes it so much easier to use, just unroll as much as I need. so much less waste, than cutting a piece off the big piece in the package.
Since I will be ordering more embroidery thread, I needed a place to put it, so I got a nice plastic storage container with a tight fitting lid and put all my different kinds of stabilizer in it. Now I have the drawers in my plastic storage unit all empty and ready for when I order the thread.

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  1. The nice thing about organizing is that at least I know where some of my treasures are located. DO I smell Spring Fever at your house???? : -)