March 9, 2011

Found this interesting stained glass pattern a long time ago, saved it! But then I save a lot of stuff, which is why I am finally cleaning. My "saving" is getting to be something that should be saved at someone elses house.

But back to this design, I do not do stained glass, but saved it because I thought it would make a great wall hanging, or a block in the center of a quilt.

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  1. I had a friend who had a piece of stained glass that looded like it was about the size of your piece.Her son-in-law made it for her and she put all of her small cosmetics in it and when I cleaned for her all I had to do was just pick up the "tray" with all its little parts instead of having to lift a bunch of them to clean. I really loved that.

    O , On your quilt -I love that kitty block at the top! Like you said - lots of parts-but it is lovely.