January 10, 2011

For all of you who are wondering what happened to all the items I had listed for sale here, I have boxed them up and added them to the growing pile of stuff I will be selling in my garage sale this spring.

Not sure what I will use this blog for now...
Maybe my adventures as a Packrat....Or more to the point, my adventures trying to overcome being a Packrat.
I have spent a week, boxing up stuff I will never use, to make room for the stuff I will use.
I do know that there are several things I will not have to buy for a looooong time..
While cleaning my sewing craft room, I have discovered that I have
14 seam rippers!
Now I admit that I need a seam ripper on occasion...but NEVER 14! You may wonder how I got that many...well when I could not find one I just grabbed a coupon and bought another one...or two....or three. They seemed to just want to hide.
Next is sewing machine needles....
You don't want to know how many packages of them I have! I don't want to really know either so I didn't count them.
I have before pictures of my sewing room, and when I have a bit of time I will take some now...after I have loaded up 3 big Rubbermaid totes of stuff I no longer need... The bad thing is I have no idea where that stuff was, how did I fit it all in? No wonder I never could find anything, it just became buried when ever the piles shifted or fell...................

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